New Experiences Help Loser Move On From Failed Relationship

I’ve been following the ad campaign featuring Can You Hear Me Now Guy closely. See here and here. I was starting to worry CYHMNG had lost his sense of self in his despondency over data plans, allowing his hatred to consume and define his very existence. Thankfully, it looks like CYHMNG is re-centering himself. I don’t know what self-help… Continue reading New Experiences Help Loser Move On From Failed Relationship

Deranged Stalker Causes Public Disruption

I’ve already talked about  Can You Hear Me Now Guy’s return to the spotlight. Verizon (or is it Sprint?) has now taken everything good about their original commercial and shit on it while amping up the already shitty aspects.   Whoa! It was cute when they hijacked CYHMNG, but the campaign has crossed into scary territory. Sprint… Continue reading Deranged Stalker Causes Public Disruption

Nerd’s Revenge Minimally Satisfying

So, Sprint’s Can You Hear Me Now Guy (CYHMNG) is now pitching for Verizon. Or is Verizon’s CYHMNG now pitching for Sprint? Do people really pay attention to this shit? If the goal of TV advertising is to put out a memorable meme, CYHMNG was a smashing success back in the day. The series of ads… Continue reading Nerd’s Revenge Minimally Satisfying