Self-Delusion Trumps Physics?

Last night I was watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I, when this commercial hit me upside the head: First thing you should know: I hate ostriches. You can tell by their eyes they are always planning something sinister. But this ad swept me up in its story. The vicious, thieving ostrich is pacified by brain-melting… Continue reading Self-Delusion Trumps Physics?

Proper Hydration Is The Enemy Of Intoxication

As we approach May, there are a few 2017 Super Bowl commercials still making the rounds. It’s no surprise the New World Order has chosen to keep this Michelob Ultra Light commercial running: The message to accept of our gray, grimy dystopia resonates deeply. Accept your dehumanization and Michelob will give relief from the dungeon, from the gauntlet… Continue reading Proper Hydration Is The Enemy Of Intoxication