Banana Boat Stands By Deadly Lies

Sunscreen ads are hitting the airwaves! It’s still Spring, but the sun’s rays are as direct and dangerous in May as they are in July. As the most common form of cancer, skin cancer is a danger to all humans, not just gingers. Even when we slap on the strongest sunscreen available, we are still at… Continue reading Banana Boat Stands By Deadly Lies

Family Living in Car Keeps Up Appearances

Commercials have long used inappropriate pop music to sell their products. I’ll never forget Gatorade using “Walk On The Wild Side” to remind consumers that energy drinks can keep you from losing your head, even when giving head. Volkswagen is the latest offender: OK, we have a song about an older man perving on girl… Continue reading Family Living in Car Keeps Up Appearances

Buick Trivializes Child Abuse

The horrors of football-related chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) have been known for a long time. A really, really long time, if you’re Roger Goodell. We know the developing brains of children have highest risk of permanent damage from head injuries, even sub-concussive blows.   So why is Buick trying to make the sick child abuse known as Pee… Continue reading Buick Trivializes Child Abuse

KIA, McCarthy Have No Sense Of Decency

The best Super Bowl ad this year was KIA’s eco-warrior piece with Melissa McCarthy.  It’s no surprise a shortened cut is still running in prime spots a month later. We were all delighted by McCarthy’s antics, charmed anew each commercial break, but I fully expected and understood this ad would be at least temporarily pulled in… Continue reading KIA, McCarthy Have No Sense Of Decency