Dave Thomas Cheers Wisconsin From Beyond The Grave

I am EXTREMELY CONFLICTED about the latest Wendy’s commercial. I like Wendy’s never-frozen burgers and I like Wisconsin basketball. There must be a bracket wizard at Wendy’s who understood Wisconsin’s tournament-tested, senior-led squad would cruise to victory over the top-ranked and entitled Villanova team, thus keeping the burger chain’s flagship March Madness commercial relevant for one more… Continue reading Dave Thomas Cheers Wisconsin From Beyond The Grave

Hellish Tacos

The latest Taco Bell ad making the rounds is notable for a few reasons. It is the kickoff for a major breakfast campaign, which is notably gross. It comforts us with a melody evoking the fraternal nostalgia of Cheers. It forces us to contemplate the nature of our souls and uses casual cursing. These are all nice… Continue reading Hellish Tacos