Dachshund Review #2

If you want to make people smile, show them a wiener dog. This commercial from Simparica does the trick. As the owner of a semi-feral dog, I know what it’s like to have a dog that wants to get wild- as far away from Master as possible. Even though these dogs are animated sentence fragments, their lively personalities shine through.


Using “Who Let The Dogs Out” on the soundtrack is a little on the nose, but the most disgusting lyrics were omitted, giving the tune a veneer of playfulness. I don’t approve of letting dogs roam wild in neighborhoods or or whoring themselves on social media, so some of the ad’s fun is tainted by irresponsible owners.

One nitpicks- Simparica is a bad name. it’s hard to remember and sounds like a medication for Herpes Simplex.

The use of the phrase “virtually wipes out fleas and ticks” is over the top. Next they’ll be calling Simparica the “final solution” to parasite-borne disease.


WIENER DOG CUTENESS: 7/10 Even though the doxie is made of words, it’s pretty damn cute.

WIENER DOG VICIOUSNESS: 8/10 If the dachshund rolling on his back is like mine, it just chewed up an earthworm and is applying it as perfume.

WIENER DOG INTELLIGENCE: 10/10 No humans needed; it’s just scamming this lady for free food and shelter.

OVERALLĀ REALISM: 8/10 Wieners aren’t animated and don’t do back flips, but they do ignore their masters when they come inside.



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