Self-Delusion Trumps Physics?

Last night I was watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I, when this commercial hit me upside the head:

First thing you should know: I hate ostriches. You can tell by their eyes they are always planning something sinister.

But this ad swept me up in its story. The vicious, thieving ostrich is pacified by brain-melting technology. By the end he abandons his gang of dangerous friends to pursue magical thinking in solitude.


If this bird was supposed to have really learned to fly, the message is even worse- Stare at a screen and all your dreams will come true. It’s a good message for selling products to participation trophy winners, but not for challenging the brilliant minds of tomorrow.

Best case scenario, the flight achieved is a metaphor for death on the savanna.

Samsung gets a 10/10 for grabbing and keeping my attention and 1/10 for making me want to buy a VR device.

Another bittersweet story of an everyday person leaving the cold gray world for Never Never Land:


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