New Experiences Help Loser Move On From Failed Relationship

I’ve been following the ad campaign featuring Can You Hear Me Now Guy closely. See here and here. I was starting to worry CYHMNG had lost his sense of self in his despondency over data plans, allowing his hatred to consume and define his very existence.

Thankfully, it looks like CYHMNG is re-centering himself. I don’t know what self-help book he stumbled across, but it has done wonders for him. The obsession with the past and with what other people are doing is fading. He’s finally existing in The Now.

Taking up yoga/meditation, learning a new language, culinary experimentation- these are all classic ways to get your pathetic self out of a funk and back to living! A happy person doesn’t need validation from a telecom conglomerate.

Unfortunately, this is likely a short-lived transformation. There’s a reason Play Guitar Like Slash, Part I sells about 1000 times better than Play Guitar Like Slash, Part II. Most people are quitters.


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