Family Living in Car Keeps Up Appearances

Commercials have long used inappropriate pop music to sell their products. I’ll never forget Gatorade using “Walk On The Wild Side” to remind consumers that energy drinks can keep you from losing your head, even when giving head.

Volkswagen is the latest offender:

OK, we have a song about an older man perving on girl who is so young she doesn’t even fully understand kissing. Either this chick is Amish, or she’s prepubescent, and I’ve heard those Amish are actually freaks. At least Gary Puckett had the decency to express shame over his sinful desires when he sang “Young Girl”.

What images does Volkswagen use in concert with this child-grooming anthem? A cute couple with a car sex fetish. If the semi-public nature of banging in a vehicle gives their vanilla sex life a jolt, go for it, but I don’t think VW should be promoting risky (in some places illegal) behavior.

Inappropriate music + inappropriate behavior = irresponsible marketing.

Not surprisingly, the Nazis Volkswagen marketers insert a minority untermensch, superficially obsessed with his hair styling, as the ready and smiling servant to those charged with populating the planet in adorable Super Humans. Subtle.



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