Self-Awareness Is For The Buddhas

Absurdism in advertising has run its course. What was once cute and novel, is now a crutch for grabbing attention. The logical answer to this devolution was to infuse an ironic self-awareness into absurd ads.

That approach is rapidly reaching the threshold of banality as well and Mobil 1 isn’t helping.


I like Mobil 1’s message: “It’s okay to be a lazy slob. We will enable you.” There’s nothing more that needs to be said. The ending does nothing for our experience but raise questions. Is Mini-Harvick the result Raelian cloning gone awry?  Maybe The Indian In The Cupboard-type magic?  How often do housewives call 9-1-1 when Mr. Clean appears in their kitchen? Next thing you know, there’s Penzoil in your shopping cart.

Other questions:

Did Kevin Harvick’s clothes shrink, too, or are those custom?

Why does Kevin Harvick give a fuck about this sloppy bitch’s oil change frequency?

Is Muggsy Bogues a miniature version of a larger NBA player?

Is this related to Donald Trump’s small hands?

Would God or Satan be more likely to appear in the form of  a tiny NASCAR driver?

Is Mini-Harvick related to the impish Coiley?



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