Deranged Stalker Causes Public Disruption

I’ve already talked about  Can You Hear Me Now Guy’s return to the spotlight. Verizon (or is it Sprint?) has now taken everything good about their original commercial and shit on it while amping up the already shitty aspects.


Whoa! It was cute when they hijacked CYHMNG, but the campaign has crossed into scary territory. Sprint (or is it Verizon?) seems to be suffering from an inferiority complex and they want the world to know it. By obsessing over the competition to this degree, aren’t they acknowledging their second banana status? Why are they going to such lengths to remind us there are better options available for anyone who doesn’t need unlimited data?

To be honest, I can’t even hear the sales pitch because I’m imagining CYHMNG laying awake at night, gnashing his teeth, lips sputtering gruesome obscenities, while cell towers explode to the beat of “Obsession” in his mind. Occasionally he reaches out to strangle someone who is not there… Can they hear him now? Good. In the morning he is calm, collected. He has a plan of action to “restore the balance”. It will take place at a public gathering held by the enemy…

Then I start to think about the Girlfriend 2000 episode of Get A Life, so the commercial isn’t all bad.


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