Tom Clancy Still Chasing John Madden From Beyond The Grave

Have you ever wished your solemn vow of service to your country was exploited to prop up a foreign right wing dictatorship? If the answer is yes, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands looks right for you!

I don’t know anything about this game besides what’s in the commercial, but I assume you control a death squad charged with clearing the jungle of Marxist peasant coca farmers.

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation must be failing to churn out properly bloodthirsty foreign agents because it looks like the USA is putting their own boots on the ground. That always works!

But does the commercial work? It shows the games’s cool graphics and action and cinematography. It has a guy wearing sunglasses at night. It glorifies violence. Sure, it works for what it is- a little commercial for a giant commercial selling  photorealistic dehumanization.

I’m sure the next game in the franchise is already under works- Tom Clancy’s Congressional Hearing on War Crimes! Could be the most violent offering yet!



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