Dr. Pepper Promotes Boater Safety

So many ad campaigns catch our eye but fail to connect us to their brands. A cute and quirky commercial may still leave you trying to remember if you’re supposed to buy moisturizer or  fabric softener thirty seconds later.  Dr. Pepper has avoided such a pitfall with their latest campaign.

If Lil’ Sweet wasn’t delightfully obnoxious enough, now they unveil Crave Rider! Since reading The Cat In The Hat, I’ve had trouble enjoying the trope of destruction wrought by uninvited guests, yet I find myself smiling at this piece of absurdism.


There is no question this is a wacky Dr. Pepper spot. Coca Cola, esteemed pillar of civilization they are, take their cultural impact far too seriously to pin their world image on an asshole motorsport enthusiast. Meanwhile, Pepsi remains focused on paying celebrity shills who don’t actually drink Pepsi.

While the Crave Rider campaign isn’t perfect (normalizing noise pollution, making light of shoreline erosion, overtones of violent white male privilege), I can’t help but thirst for a Dr. Pepper.

NOTE: kudos to Dr. Pepper for giving Crave Rider a life jacket and engine kill switch lanyard for safety. It’s those details that take Crave Rider from questionable buffoon to rad spokesdude.



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