Dachshund Review #1

Wiener dogs are the best marketing tool of all time. It’s impossible not to take notice when a sausage dog pops up on TV. Master marketers GEICO wouldn’t touch a wiener unless they were going to put it front and center, and this pup nails the part. The semi-creepy lady holds her own with the stinky little scene stealer, but I think they could have used a douchier guy as the target of the dog’s subdued rage.


WIENER DOG CUTENESS: 8/10 (looks like it’s been in the business for a while, but still frickin’ adorable)

WIENER DOG VICIOUSNESS: 9/10 (that guy was getting bit later)

WIENER DOG INTELLIGENCE: 10/10 (didn’t bark at the helpful man)

OVERALL REALISM: 9/10 (the howl at the end seemed dubbed)


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