Nerd’s Revenge Minimally Satisfying

So, Sprint’s Can You Hear Me Now Guy (CYHMNG) is now pitching for Verizon. Or is Verizon’s CYHMNG now pitching for Sprint? Do people really pay attention to this shit? If the goal of TV advertising is to put out a memorable meme, CYHMNG was a smashing success back in the day. The series of ads were so successful that years later a rival mobile phone service has hired CYHMNG to trash his former employer with a newfound snarky bitch attitude. As a viewer, I love it. I honestly have no idea what company the guy works for now versus then, but it doesn’t matter because it caters to my burgeoning Gen X nostalgia.

Is this ad really effective, though? Punk kids have no idea who this sad sack is and those of us over 30 remember him as a low level functionary with a horrible job at a massive telecom company. Is that supposed to give him special credibility? It remains that the only way a TV ad can make a phone service provider wildly appealing is to market in an area where they don’t offer service and haven’t screwed over so much of the population. Plus, we always want what we can’t have! T-Mobile… your deals are too good to be true… Why do you hesitate to draw near me?

And for good measure: FUCK SPRINT and FUCK VERIZON


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