KIA, McCarthy Have No Sense Of Decency

The best Super Bowl ad this year was KIA’s eco-warrior piece with Melissa McCarthy.  It’s no surprise a shortened cut is still running in prime spots a month later. We were all delighted by McCarthy’s antics, charmed anew each commercial break, but I fully expected and understood this ad would be at least temporarily pulled in the wake of Vince the Rhino’s murder.

KIA has no sense of decency, however, because I was shocked to see the ad run last night during the Survivor season premiere. The horror of losing this innocent earthmate is still reverberating across the globe and KIA thinks we want to laugh at ole Missy dangling from a precious, precious rhino horn?


Trigger warning: This ad is unedited and may be disturbing for some viewers.



Let’s be honest- If Kim Kardashian fell into an ice crevasse that ad would never see the light of day again. Where are our priorities as a society?

This is your first strike, KIA, and your hands aren’t clean either, Jeff Probst.


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